XMOS startKIT, a 500MIPS multicore development board for $14.99

Bristol, 15 October 2013 - XMOS today announced startKIT, an ultra-low-cost development platform that opens up the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller technology to the widest possible community of users. As part of the product launch XMOS is offering 2,500 startKITs free of charge to engineers who register and qualify on its website at www.xmos.com/startkit.

Ethernet AV-Bridging

In spite of the constant growth of bandwidth and improvements in quality of service, Ethernet still faces the problem of the lack of real-time capabilities. This flaw is made awkwardly prominent by the transmission of multimedia content, which requires synchronous package delivery as much as possible. There may be a change now in this respect as the "AVB" standard extension (802.1BA) allows the deterministic delivery of packages in local networks. XMOS' event-driven processors offer a state-of-the-art implementation for this purpose.