Quad Differential Industrial Power Line Driver

MELVILLE, NY - LSI/CSI announces the availability of a new, short-circuit-proof Quad Differential Industrial Power Line Driver. The new IC, designated LS7272B, can operate up to 30V and have a selectable thermal shutdown feature.


Encoder Ifce IC's, Counters, Dividers, Programmable Digital Delay Timers, Brush/Brushless DC Motor, Stepper Motor & AC Motor Controllers. PIR Sensor Ifce IC's, Light Dimming and Control IC's, Programmable Digital Locks.

Line Drivers for the Field Bus

Classic serial data transmission methods are still widely used in order to link actuators and sensors on field bus level - which comes as no surprise, as they are proven and robust and provide fairly trouble-free handling.

Pyroelectric Effect

Modern motion detectors are based on well established and field proven technologies and are compatible with the construction industry.