InvenSense Introduces Industry’s First 74 dB SNR Analog MEMS Microphone Enabling Far Field Audio Capture

ICS-40730 targets teleconferencing, voice controlled home and IoT products


InvenSense Announces World`s First Dual-Interface Mainboard 6-Axis Sensor with OIS-Macro Support

SAN JOSE, California (BUSINESS WIRE), July 28, 2016 — InvenSense, Inc., (NYSE:INVN), a leading provider of MEMS sensor platform solutions, announced the ICM-20690, a mainboard six-axis sensor (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope) with concurrent motion user interface (UI) and optical image stabilization (OIS) support. The sensor supports macro image stabilization (OIS-Macro), pioneered by InvenSense for high resolution lifelike photography of intimate objects.


InvenSense® Announces Its Expansion Into the Automotive Market Introducing Comprehensive Automotive Sensor Solutions

SAN JOSE, California, Oct 28, 2015 – InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE:INVN), the leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms, today announced its offering and development of innovative sensor technology solutions for use in evolving safety and non-safety automotive applications.


InvenSense® Introduces Compre-hensive Portfolio of Disruptive New Digital and Analog Microphones


InvenSense™ Introduces ICS40720 World's First 70dB MEMS Microphone For Consumer Electronics


InvenSense® To Aquire MEMS Microphone Business Line From Analog Devices, Incorporated

Gyroscopes for Industrial Applications

Ein Gyroskop für jeden Roboter

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Mit dem MPU-3300 bietet Invensense ein 3-Achsen Gyroskop für den rauen Industrieeinsatz 

Durch die Miniaturisierung unhandlicher Sensoren wie Gyroskope und Accelerometer mit den Mitteln der Mikrosystemtechnik ist eine völlig neue Klasse von Anwendungen entstanden, angefangen von der Koppelnavigation für Navis in GPS-freien Bereichen bis hin zur Elektronik gegen „Verwackler" bei digitalen Fotoapparaten und Camcordern.


Gyroskop and Accelerometer in a single Chip

IN1.jpgMiniaturizing unwieldy sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers through micro system technology created a completely new class of applications, from dead reckoning in GPS-free locations to image stabilizers in cameras and camcorders.

Gestures, Gaming, Gyroscopes

Invensense_GyroAroundWorld_01_sml.gifThe integration of gyroscopes and of other inertial sensors has reached a degree of technical maturity which provides a simple and cost-efficient means to recognize and process motion in consume