IDT Unveils Wireless Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit for IoT, Smart Home and Other Applications Requiring Real-Time Sensor Data

The IDT® Sensor Module provides critical real-time humidity, temperature and flow data displayed wirelessly on Smartphones and other mobile devices.



IDT Introduces Gas Sensor Portfolio Offering Industry-leading Performance and Reliability

IDT's innovative sensing materials provide superior sensitivity, stability and selectivity; making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.


IDT Expands Sensor Portfolio with Solid-State Flow Sensor Modules for Liquids and Gases

MEMS-based Digital Flow Sensor with Silicon-Carbide Coating is Industry's Most Robust and Reliable Solution Also Compatible with Food-Grade Applications


IDT’s Newest Clock Generator is up to 60% More Energy Efficient than other Comparable Solutions

The New 1.8V Version of the Leading VersaClock® 3S Programmable Clock Generator Delivers a Compelling Blend of Performance, Power and Flexibility to Consumer and Computing Systems


IDT's Flexible Timing Solution Provides Valuable Design Margin for 10Gbps, and 40/100Gbps Multi-lane Interfaces

Highly-Programmable Clock Generator and Jitter Attenuator IC Features sub-200fs Phase Noise to Ease Design Constraints and Lower Total System Costs


New IDT Inductive Position Sensor Family Improves Reliability and Flexibility While Reducing System Costs

With Broad Market Applications, the Robust IDT® ZMID520x Sensors Eliminate the Issue of Magnetic Stray Fields and Deliver Application Flexibility and a Reduced Bill of Material


IDT enters mmWave Market with the Introduction of Industry’s Highest Performance Integrated Modem Solutions

IDT’s RapidWave™ Product Line Targeted at Next-Generation Broadband Wireless Applications


IDT Launches Industry’s Highest Efficiency 15W Turnkey Wireless Power Reference Kit

The Ease-of-Use Reference Design Kit is Certified to WPC Qi 1.2.2 and Delivers Record 87 Percent Efficiency


IDT Launches Next-Generation RapidIO Switches for 5G Mobile Network Development and Mobile Edge Computing

With Over Twice the Performance Used in 4G Systems, the Low-Latency Devices Exceed the RapidIO 10xN Standard and are Ideal for 5G, HPC, and Mobile Edge Computing