XMOXS1-S_Mounted_01_sml.pngS is a young, privately held, fabless semiconductor company. We set out to make it easier for you to design your complex embedded systems and developed xCORE™ which is different from other microcontrollers. xCORE is a multicore microcontroller that delivers scalable, parallel multitasking compute. It can be configured to support a wide range of interfaces and peripherals, and responds much faster than conventional microcontrollers to deliver precise real-time performance. The xCORE processor is suitable for a wide range of demanding embedded applications and is being used today by a rapidly expanding set of customers in consumer, audio, industrial and automotive applications.

XMOS provides:

  • The xCORE™ family of real-time, flexible, 32bit multicore processors and provide devices with 8, 16 and 32 cores.
  • xSOFTip™ - a comprehensive range of proven soft peripheral IP that you can use to configure your xCORE™ chip to support a wide range of interfaces and to deliver a broad set of capabilities.
  • The xTIMEcomposer™ studio – provides a familiar software development environment that delivers real-time performance from your code and allows full timing validation for your design. 

XMOS also provides xKIT™ boards, a range of flexible development boards, that allow designers to easily test their embedded system concept.

slicekit-core-ethernet-high-resolution_sml.pngXMOS is not like other chip companies. It aims to make it easy for engineers to understand the products, find the information that they need, and to get help and training from online resources and in-tool tutorials. XMOS provides tools and IP blocks free of charge directly from its website. It aims to support you to build your embedded system quickly and easily and ensure that it meets your requirements.

The XMOS tools are easy to use and help to add the capabilities that are important for a design. Importantly, they also let designers set timing constraints and unlike any other microcontroller, they let them simulate a design to test functionality and analyze precise timings. With extremely low latency, timing predictable software execution, and response times that are up to 100 times faster, designers can achieve much more precise real-time performance than any other solution – and our price/performance is incredible.

Product Features

Realtime capable multi core Event Driven Processors (EPD), programmable using a unified embedded software flow and C-based programming languages. Comprehensive library of functions for Audio- and Video processing as well as automation, protocol stacks and standardized peripheral interfaces.

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