ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is one of the world's leading suppliers of CMOS-based imaging solutions. ON Semiconductor delivers in CMOS imagers with excellent pixel performance, image processors, and reflowable camera solutions. "ON Semiconductor enables imaging everywhere!"

Product Features

ON Semiconductor brings together world-class engineering talent and exhibits its technology leadership in CMOS image sensors through:

  • advanced pixel design (A-Pix, DR-Pix and BSI technologies) for bright scene & low-light scene modes with maximum SNR across scene lighting and ISO speed conditions
  • High dynamic range (HDR): natural high-range scenes in video as well as snapshot modes, providing a leap forward in image quality
  • Low-light and near-IR sensitivity: extremely sensitive our near-IR sensors perform in lowest light conditions
  • High-definition (HD): bright and beautiful HD video for surveillance camera and consumer camera phone applications
  • High speed: sensors running at fast frame rates


ON Semiconductor's expertise in image sensors and image processing drives multiple platforms in

Automotive solutions

  • scene viewing and processing

Consumer applications

  • digital cameras (DSC, DSLR and video)
  • portable solutions

Industrial imaging solutions

  • machine vision
  • machine control

Medical imaging solutions

  • disposable endoscopy

Scanning market

  • bar code readers

Surveillance solutions

  • surveillance cameras
  • object identification

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