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New Products: NC2700MA / NC2701MA / NC2702MA

Optimized for Use in Consumer and Industrial Applications, Built-in Inductor and MOSFET, Buck DC/DC Switching Regulator Modules

June 27, 2023

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has launched the NC2700MA / NC2701MA / NC2702MA, buck DC/DC switching regulator modules with an inductor and MOSFETs inside, which are optimized for use in industrial and consumer applications.

High-performance digital LSIs such as FPGAs and SoCs are increasingly used in large-scale industrial and consumer equipment, including industrial robots, cellular base stations, and semiconductor testers. Since these LSIs require higher power supply performance, such as low voltage, high precision, and complex sequence control, in proportion to their processing capacity, the difficulty of designing power supply circuits increases.

The new products are modules that contain five components (an inductor, 2 types of MOSFETs, a bypass capacitor, and a controller IC) necessary to configure a DC/DC switching regulator in a single package. Since these five components are selected and modularized with optimal patterning to maximize performance, it is easy to design power supplies up to 20 A without spending hours on component selection and layout design even for severe requirements. In addition, the availability of three different maximum currents in the same package and pin layout makes it easy to handle specification changes in the maximum current during the design process. Therefore, these products are suitable for the design of power supply circuits for high-performance digital LSIs, etc., which are difficult to design.

The range of the input voltage is from 4 V to 28 V, and the output voltage can be set arbitrarily from 0.7 V to 5.3 V using external resistors. A soft-start time adjustment function to prevent inrush current and a power good function to inform other devices of the output voltage status are also available. In addition, these products have many protective functions for reliable use.

Since these products use a QFN package with pins on all four sides, unlike LGA or BGA type packages with pins on the bottom, probing inspection can be easily performed by using land patterns without making another board or additional special test pads for evaluation.

From a purchasing perspective, these products also reduce labor hours compared to sourcing each component from its manufacturer. In addition, although these products are module products that contain multiple components, they are planned to be part of our Product Longevity Program, allowing customers to plan long-term production at ease.


1.Achieve up to 20 A Output Current with Simple Board Design
Thanks to the Modularization

In DC/DC board design, recommended pattern diagrams may be provided to prevent oscillation, but in many cases the recommended patterns cannot be used due to limitations in the application board area. Including the inductor, FETs and bypass capacitor (for noise reduction) in a single package, these modules enable easy board design of power supply circuits up to 20 A by simply placing input and output capacitors and other components next to these products. In addition, these products have excellent heat dissipation by adopting a high heat dissipation package. Achieve up to 20 A Output Current with Simple Board Design Thanks to the Modularization.

2. QFN Package for Easy Probing Inspection
Easy to Replace During the Design Process According to Output Current as All Three Products Share the Same Pin Layout

Since these products use a QFN package with pins on all four sides, unlike LGA or BGA type packages with pins on the bottom, probing inspection can be easily performed by using land patterns without creating another board or making special test pads for probing inspection. In addition, three variations of the maximum current are available. Since these products share the same package and the same pin layout, they can be easily replaced even if the maximum current specification needs to be changed during the design process.

Main Specifications

Item Specifications
Input Voltage Range 4.0 V to 28 V
Output Voltage Range 0.7 V to 5.3 V, externally adjustable
Output Current 20 A / 10 A / 6 A, (NC2700MA / NC2701MA / NC2702MA)
Feedback Voltage and Accuracy  0.64 V ±1%
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
Built-in Function Over-Current Protection (Hiccup Type or Latch Type),
Duty-Over, Thermal Shutdown, Soft-Start, Power Good, etc.
Package QFN0910-65-MA, 10.0 × 9.0 × 4.8 (mm)

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Availability and Pricing
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About Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.
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