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GigaDevice Introduces 1.2V SPI NOR Flash Product to Meet Advanced SoCs' Need for ultra-Low Power and High Performance

  • GD25UF series featuring single 1.2V supply offers industry's lowest Active Read power consumption
  • GD25UF's 1.2V capability enables a direct interface to SoCs and processors produced on advanced process nodes, reducing their die size and simplifying their power supply architecture

Nuremberg, Germany – 14 March 2023 – GigaDevice, a semiconductor industry leader in Flash memory and 32-bit microcontrollers serving a broad range of technology innovations, today introduced the GD25UF series of SPI NOR Flash in its strategic roadmap of 1.2V Flash products supporting systems-on-chip (SoCs) and applications processors built on advanced process nodes. The GD25UF SPI NOR Flash products are optimized for applications that require ultra-low power consumption or a small board footprint.

The GD25UF products operate at a supply-voltage range of 1.14V-1.26V .This is ideal for devices built on advanced process nodes and operating at a core voltage of 1.2V, as it provides for a simpler power system architecture, and for direct interfacing between the I/O pins of the SoC or processor and the GD25UF device.

With the GD25UF products, GigaDevice provides better specifications than other competing 1.2V products in the parameters that manufacturers of mobile communications devices, wireless modems and wearable devices care most about. In low-power mode at a frequency of up to 50MHz, Active Read current can be as low as 0.4mA at slower frequencies. Deep power-down current of 0.1µA makes the GD25UF ideal for any battery-powered or wearable application. In addition, industry-best program and erase times help increase device manufacturing throughput while reducing system power consumption.

In Fast Read mode, these Flash devices operate at up to 120MHz and achieve a data-transfer rate of up to 480Mbits/s. In low EMI mode, operating at 60MHz over a double transferrate (DTR) quad I/O interface, the GD25UF products achieve the same data-transfer rate of 480Mbits/s while minimizing clock-generated noise, an ideal feature for noise-sensitive wireless applications.

Syed S. Hussain, Flash BU Global Segment Marketing of GigaDevice said: “Users of chips manufactured at advanced process nodes require a new generation of low-voltage Flash memory products that are optimized for the demanding applications that they support, such as IoT devices, mobile phones, PCs and laptops, and consumer devices, e.g. portable healthcare, smart watch and battery-based devices. Today’s launch of the GD25UF64E 1.2V Flash product marks the start of a comprehensive roadmap of low-voltage Flash products from GigaDevice, providing OEMs with the mix of memory capacities, serial interfaces and security functions that they need for the next generation of system designs. There is a Megatrend, where one shrinks SoCs down to lowest process geometry a must requirement is peripherals needs to support 1.2VIO also. GigaDevice is uniquely positioned to win Ultra-low power and performance megatrend in new designs.”

Availability and Pricing
The 64Mbit GD25UF64E is in production now. It is supplied in SOP8, 3mm x 4mm or 4mm x 4mm USON8 and WLCSP packages, or as a known good die. The 128Mbit GD25UF128E is sampling. Products with memory capacity of 32Mbits and 256Mbits are in development. Fore more information availability and pricing please visit email:

About GigaDevice
GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. (SSE Code: 603986) is a world-leading fabless supplier founded in April 2005 and headquartered in Beijing, China. In addition to our branches and offices in many regions and countries such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hefei, Xi'an, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hong Kong, the US, South Korea, Japan, the UK, Germany, and Singapore, GigaDevice's global sales network also provides our customers with fast, high-quality and localized services.

GigaDevice's management system is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. GigaDevice has also forged strategic partnerships with leading foundries and packaging and testing plants as part of our active efforts to promote industry integration. In the future, GigaDevice will continue to focus on smart edge technology with a strategy of “sensor-storage-computing-control-connectivity.” GigaDevice will promote technological innovation and industrial advancement in semiconductors through enhanced upstream and downstream partnerships and optimization of supply chain management.

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