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Announcing ESP-ZeroCode Modules for Building Matter-Compatible, Smart-Home Devices with Ease

Espressif's ESP-ZeroCode Modules have been created to simplify the building of Matter-compatible, smart-home devices.

Shanghai, China, Nov 3, 2022

Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 688018.SH) is pleased to announce the availability of ESP-ZeroCode Modules for building Matter-compatible devices utilizing Espressif’s versatile connectivity SoCs that are based on Wi-Fi and Thread (802.15.4) wireless communication protocols. ESP-ZeroCode Modules will provide a ready-made, plug-and-play solution for building common lighting and electrical devices, such as LED lights, outlets, switches, dimmers, relays, and fans.

Matter is an industry-unifying, IP-based connectivity protocol that has been designed to make compatible devices from multiple brands work together seamlessly within a single secure ecosystem. Matter 1.0 works with devices that support Ethernet, Wi-Fi, as well as Thread (802.15.4) for communication and Bluetooth LE for provisioning. The Matter protocol is defined by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in association with all the industry leaders.

Espressif provides the most comprehensive solutions for Matter, including support for Wi-Fi or Thread end-point devices, Thread Border Routers, and Matter gateway devices. We have also released the open-source ESP-Matter, Espressif’s SDK for Matter, which is built on top of the upstream “connectedhomeip” repository that further simplifies and accelerates the development of Matter-compatible products. Thus, Espressif's ESP-ZeroCode modules will facilitate the building of Matter-enabled devices, by allowing near-zero investment in development, along with a dramatic reduction to the overall cost and complexity of such a project.

Additionally, to provide flexibility in the hardware design, Espressif enables customers to choose from a variety of different modules, in various form factors, as the basis of the ESP-ZeroCode modules they choose. More specifically, Espressif's ESP-ZeroCode modules may be based on ESP32-C3 (ESP8685), ESP32-C2 (ESP8684), and ESP32-H2 SoCs, all of which come pre-programmed with firmware for the required device types. ESP32-C3 and ESP32-C2 are Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth 5 (LE) microcontroller SoCs based on the open-source RISC-V architecture. They strike the right balance of power, I/O capabilities, and security, thus offering the optimal solution to building Wi-Fi end-devices in the Matter ecosystem. ESP32-H2 comes with IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity, along with standard peripherals and security features which make ESP32-H2 the ideal choice for a Thread-based end-device in the Matter ecosystem.

The “ESP-ZeroCode for Matter” modules come with off-the-shelf Matter functionality for the supported devices. Also, the devices built with these modules can work seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc. In fact, Espressif's modules will provide customers with the fastest route to adding Matter-compatible devices to their portfolio, as they will not require customized phone apps or voice-assistant skills, while being readily deployable in any existing Matter-enabled ecosystem. These modules will use minimal Cloud connectivity, primarily for OTA upgrades.

Then, the “ESP-ZeroCode for Matter with RainMaker” modules will provide Matter functionality and will enable a privately-deployed IoT Cloud solution through ESP RainMaker. This offering will be accompanied by zero-code firmware and customizable phone apps, through which both privately owned devices and other Matter devices will be configured and controlled. In addition, the devices will be compatible with, and controllable by, other mainstream ecosystem applications. The ESP RainMaker-based private Cloud will provide remote control, as well as management for the devices in the field.

The firmware running on both of these types of modules will be Matter-certified, and the modules will be pre-provisioned with device certificates (DAC), according to all specification requirements. Espressif will continue to maintain the firmware with on-going fixes for security and other evolving features. Espressif will also provide OTA upgrades and device management for these modules through ESP RainMaker's device management. Even though the “ESP-ZeroCode for Matter with RainMaker” modules will have a fixed certified firmware, customers will be able to define the hardware functions of the product, according to their own needs.

Availability and Pricing
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