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New Product: R1810 Series, Boost DC/DC Switching Regulator with Ultra-low Quiescent Current of 600 nA and Minimum Starting Power of 9.0 μW, Optimal for Energy Harvesters

June 1, 2021

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. has launched the R1810 series, an ultra-low quiescent current boost DC/DC switching regulator optimal for energy harvesters.

Along with the IoT market expansion, there are rising needs for independent power supply technology which enables collecting small energy from ambient environment such as light, vibration and heat, and converting it into electricity.

The R1810 series is a boost DC/DC switching regulator designed for storing electricity with a photovoltaic element. The ultra-low minimum operating voltage of 0.2 V enables the IC to extract and store electricity from many types of 1-cell photovoltaic panels such as amorphous silicon solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, etc. Also, it achieves ultra-low supply current of typically 600 nA at no load / normal tempera-ture, high efficiency of 66% (Iout = 5 µA), and minimal starting power of 9.0 µW (VMPSET=0.5 V, VSET=2.6 V) simultaneously.

The new DC/DC switching regulator can extract electricity from a photovoltaic element with high efficiency thanks to the maximum power point control (MPPC) func-tion and the reverse current protection function. The former optimizes the efficiency of power supply from a photovoltaic element, and the latter cuts off the reverse current path at no power supply to prevent power loss caused by reverse current.

In addition to the functions above, the power good (PG) function monitoring input and output voltages makes it easy to construct a power-supply sequence of the subsequent system by observing the power storage level with PG signals.

The new IC adopts small packages of DFN(PLP)2735-14 and WLCSP-15-P1, which enables high-density mounting.

Efficiency Characteristics of R1810 Series

Efficiency Characteristics of R1810K003A/005A
(VMPSET = 0.5V, VSET = 2.6V (003A) / 4.5V (005A))

Key Features of R1810 Series

1. Minimum Starting Power of 9.0 µW
The R1810 series achieves minimum starting power of 9.0 µW (VMPSET = 0.5 V, VSET = 2.6 V). This enables storing electricity even under low-illuminance conditions.

2. Maximum Power Point Control (MPPC) Function
This function makes the R1810 series extract power at the point where the power from the harvester reaches its maximum. It enables maximizing the performance of the harvester.

3. Power Good (PG) function
The PG function monitors input and output voltages and outputs PG signals. The PG signal enables the system to monitor the power storage level and, therefore, it is easier to construct the power-supply sequence of the system. This function operates only by the VOUT power supply, so it can operate even at no light condition.

4. Ultra-low Quiescent Current and High Efficiency
The R1810 series achieves ultra-low quiescent current of 600 nA and high efficiency of 66% (Iout = 5 µA) simultaneously. This good balance allows using a photovoltaic panel with smaller cells.

5. Input Voltage Settable As Low As Minimum 0.2 V
Using an auxiliary battery makes it possible to construct a system operating with a voltage no more than 0.35 V.

6. Reverse Current Protection Function
The reverse current protection stops the current flowing from the COUT even at no power supply, and therefore enables the system to fully use the electricity extracted from a harvester.

7. Small Packages
The R1810 series is available in DFN (PLP) 2735-14 (3.5 × 2.7 × 0.60 mm) and WLCSP-15-P1 (2.88 × 1.68 × 0.36 mm), which can reduce mounting area and reduce board space.

Pricing and Availability
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