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Corning® Varioptic® Lenses introduces new A-58N variable focus liquid lens

Introducing the new Corning® Varioptic® Lenses A-58N variable focus liquid lens, designed for applications requiring a large clear aperture with large dynamic range and high optical quality within a small form factor.

Corning, New York, USA – August 12th, 2020 - We are pleased to officially announce the availability of the latest product of the Corning Varioptic A-Series namely the A-58N0, with 5.8mm clear aperture. The A-58N lens is designed specifically for variable focus products needing a large clear aperture and high optical quality; such as optical instruments for life sciences, ophthalmology, scientific instruments, and microscopes. The new large aperture lens features 15 diopters of dynamic range, 7 cm focus ability, and offers the same low power consumption, high shock resistance, and fast-focus ability that have led to the success of Corning Varioptic’s A-Series variable focus lenses.

The A-58N lens features a large dynamic range and a low wavefront error (WFE) (Typ. 0.1λ Max. 0.2λ) without compromising on the form factor or ease of integration. The new lens is based on Corning Varioptic’s breakthrough technology, allowing variable focus with absolutely no moving parts and no heat generation at lens level. The A-58N variable focus lens is well suited for industrial vision and optical equipment.

Key Features

  • Large aperture within small form factor
  • Silent & low power
  • No moving part & no internal heating
  • Focus range supports 7 cm to infinity
  • Easy to integrate

The lens is available with 3 different AR coating options, and in a packaged format with or without integrated thermistor.

Pricing and Availability
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